Development and Production

Ransom Notice is dedicated to producing compelling stories for all types of media

Great stories know no bounds. The continued advancement in technology has provided an increasing number of platforms for storytelling; cinema, television, augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, etc. No one platform is better than the other. Rather it depends on the audience you want to reach. The story must then be adjusted to match the platform. All platforms have a story to tell.
Project Management

We're as serious about schedule as we are about story

We love art and story but know that the creation of it needs to be managed and streamlined to ensure your content arives on time and on budget. We match every project with a dedicated project manager who turns the knobs and pulls the levers to keep productions on time and within budget.
Our Vision

To be at the nexus of story, technology and culture

Stories are as old as time itself and a great story doesn't care about the platform it is told on. Only that its told. That is why Ransom Notice works on any platform to yield engaging stories for a mass audience. An engaging stoy is our primary objective and nothing less will suffice.

Let's make your story come to life

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