Caris Life Sciences
Ransom Notice worked in conjunction with Revolution Pictures to create a series of educational videos on cancer and it's various treatments
Caris Life Sciences
Caris Life Sciences
18 Months
Caris Life Sciences

Create an episodic educational series that isn't boring.

Ransom Notice needed to merge scientific level facts with high quality imagery that would not only educate. It would also need to intrigue and inspire the audience.


Create an educational series that doesn't come across dry and boring

It was very important to create episodes that reached three key audiences; patients, families of patients, and doctors. It is a delicate balance of biologically correct imagery and beautiful content.


Quality episodes that are useful

Ransom Notice worked with closely with Revolution Pictures and Caris Life Sciences to develop a visually appealing series of educational content that educates, informs and inspires. Each episode focuses on a key element and made sur not to oveload the viewer with unneccessary information.

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