Cube Studios
Cube Studios
2 Months

Update an existing exhibit at Discovery Cube

Nassal asked Ransom Notice to update the new exhibit, Cube Studios, at Discovery Cube. The update would require all new artwork to match updated branding. Furthermore Ransom Notice would need to perform bug testing and any fixes to the software.


Provide a seamless system for the exhibit owners

In addition to updating the artwork Ransom Notice needed to increase exhibit reliability.


new artwork, functional auto-start, and reduced downtime

Ransom Notice installed all new artwork and increased the system reliability. We coded auto-start sequences to decrease the interaction needed by staff after power failures caused by blackouts, as well as restarts needed due to occasional hardware malfunctions. Ransom Notice made sure to test all facets of the system, while also listening to feedback from the on-site personnel. The end result is a more robust system that requires less interaction by staff and draws in more interaction from guests

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